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Siparia students crying out

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

The students at Siparia are crying out loudly for attention. That is all. They are not excelling academically in the classroom or on the sporting field. This is their only way of attracting attention—violently.

How many of these delinquents originate from single parent homes or have nonfunctional incompetent parents? How many have no role models?

Why would one commit a crime and document it? Simply—because they want to be caught. Why is this problem not precipitated at the Naparimas, Convents?

The Siparia Syndrome cause is leadership not supervision. There is a difference.

Leaders administer, originate, develop, inspire trust, think long-term, are their own people and do the right thing.

See why leadership is lacking in T&T?

Mr Principal, you and your team are wholly and solely responsible for the smooth and effective running of the said educational institution.

Teamwork means together everyone achieves more, not carrying news on each other. If you cannot carry out your task, step aside. Give someone else a chance.

Maybe this is not your calling. We cannot be all be doctors, lawyers, engineers and school administrators. In my line of work I would be sent home also.

The Minister of Education cannot perform Herculean tasks. Ask him why this problem never occurred at Fatima.

When the suspensions end, bring back all students. Monitor them more closely. Have them involved in sports, music. Give them responsibility. Let them be Big Brothers/Sisters.

We all make mistakes. Siparia needs to wins intercols and schols not fight among yourselves and tape it.

Let who is without sin cast the first stone.

Princes Town